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As much as we love watching porn, we recommend mixing things up and watching something other than straight-up porn.

You’re probably asking yourself where else to go, and we have the perfect answer! If you haven’t heard of ThePornDude before, you have no idea what you are missing. This guy has been around for a long time and has focused on reviewing many websites, including porn, adult games, live cam sites, and many more.

Today we present

Another good flavor for porn: Cams

PD stands for Porn Dude, but you could’ve guessed that easily. There are many live cam sites on the Internet, and we are here to tell you why this site is much better than all the other options. Hopefully, you’ll see why everyone likes this site and become a regular member who can’t stay away from thousands of live cams at all times.

The first question you probably have is, what’s so special about this site? Why should you or anyone else choose this site over all the other options available? Well, you don’t have to pick this one if you don’t, but that would be a huge mistake because you would be missing out on 20.000+ live cams with some of the horniest sluts who don’t mind getting naked in front of the camera. This still doesn’t sound very impressive because all webcam sites should be like that, so let’s get more into details!

cams shows pdacams porn dude

What makes stand out from the rest of the sites?

That’s easy; you will have a chance to see thousands of girls, guys, couples, and trans people doing all kinds of things in front of the webcam, but that’s not even the best part! You get to enjoy most of the perks of the site for FREE! You’re probably wondering how you can get something good without spending one cent, but we’ll get into that in a minute.
Which cams are the best?

We can’t give you a straight answer to this question, but here’s what we CAN do. We’ll talk about all the categories and let you decide the best. It all comes down to your preferences, so whether you are straight, gay, or bisexual, got you covered.

Types of shows:

Female cams: This won’t come as a surprise to anyone because almost every webcam site features girls as the majority of performers.

There are thousands of models online at all times, so you will have a chance to enjoy an excellent show from any girl. You’ll have to search for the show that will make your dreams come true!

Male cams: Although there are plenty of male performers, they don’t come close to female models. That’s a pretty common thing since girls dominate the adult industry. The male section is filled with both straight and gay models, so you might have a little trouble finding what you are interested in. We want to prepare you for the sight of gay guys fucking!

Couples cams: A lot of people can’t get enough of these cams because they show the most among all these cams. Usually, these shows feature a couple who can’t keep it in their pants. Once you start looking at these shows, you won’t be able to return to regular porn!

Trans cams: Trans live shows are the last cam shows you will see here. Once again, there aren’t as many trans live shows as there are shows with girls, but not to worry, you won’t leave this place disappointed. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of trans performers who will do all the things you’ve been dreaming about.

pdcams sample1

What goes on in these shows?

Now that we’ve covered all the types of shows this site offers, let’s see what’s happening there. It’s hard to describe what’s happening in these shows because that varies from show to show. If we’re talking about solo shows, it’s normal to see a girl masturbating with a massive dildo while rubbing her pussy. You probably think that this is the most girls will do on, but that’s far from true. They will do a lot more as long as they get generous tips.

When it comes to living cams with solo straight guys, there aren’t many things they can do. Seeing a guy jerk off in front of the camera is the most they will do because what else is there?

If you want to see guys fuck some slutty girls, you will have to head over to the couples section and look for some wild action there! Other male cameras are made especially for gay people, so don’t be surprised if you see two or more guys getting wild as soon as you open the show.

Everyone looking for some wild steamy sex should head over to the couples. Just ask yourself what couples can do in front of the camera to entertain their fans, and you will come up with a couple of answers.

The first and the most common thing in these shows is seeing a couple fucking. Of course, it won’t be the same as watching regular porn, but you definitely won’t be disappointed. You’ve got to appreciate the effort from the guy who stops fucking the girl to answer messages from fans while his dick is still inside the girl. That’s what we call maximum dedication!

If you are into solo performers, you can expect the most from trans people. They can jerk off, masturbate with toys, play with their big boobs and do all kinds of other things to make you happy. Solo trans performers are not the only ones in this category, so you will also have a chance to look at some scenes where these trans models fuck some other girls or get fucked by guys. There’s just a lot of variety, so there will be plenty of things to keep you busy and entertained.

cams shows pdacams

Are these live shows really free?

We’ve told you about all the nice things you can expect from Porn Dude Cams, so there’s only one more important thing we should discuss. If you’re getting all these good things from one site, you must pay for them, right? Well, technically, you don’t have to spend one cent on this site and still have the time of your life. Someone might not understand how that is possible, so let’s get into it straight away!

You’ll get access to all the cams on the site even without an account. You have to click on one of the shows and jump straight into the action! Let’s move on to the part where we explain how these shows are free. Since you are not the only person watching these shows, some other fans are probably spending money to make that performer do all the things you’re seeing. As long as there’s someone else willing to drop a few bucks on an excellent live show, you won’t have to keep your wallet next to you.

Even though you might not have to spend money to enjoy some shows, it would be nice to support some performers if you like what you see. If it weren’t for the other fans’ generosity, you wouldn’t be able to see all these fantastic things, so why wouldn’t you be one of the contributors who help the performer and all the other fans looking for some free fun?

These free cams are available to everyone, and we mean everyone. You don’t even need an account to enjoy these shows. However, you must register on the site if you have special requests or want to send in a few tips. This process takes just a minute or two and is completely free. You’ll unlock many more perks by having an account, so we strongly recommend doing that straight ahead so you won’t have to worry about anything later.

Thousands of models are online at all times.

One of the essential things on a live cam site is to have plenty of choices. Can you believe that has over 20.000 performers online sometimes? Of course, you won’t find that many performers online at times when most people are sleeping, but you won’t leave the site disappointed.

How to choose the best live cam show from the homepage? You might think it’s hard to choose only one show when you have thousands in front of you, but it’s much easier than you think. One of the things that help is having live thumbnails on the homepage. They refresh regularly, so you will see precisely what is going on from those thumbnails. Thanks to this feature, you can scroll through all the shows until you stumble on one that stands out from the rest.

The site’s design might throw you off because there are just too many live shows in one place, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Would you prefer to have just a few shows in front of you? Of course, you wouldn’t because everyone loves to have plenty of options; that makes it easier to find exactly what you are into!


Cams are a good change of pace when it comes to porn, and is definitely on top of the list.

This place has over 20.000 models online at some hours, and those models certainly aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in front of the camera. Whether you are looking for guys, girls, couples, or something else, this place has got it, and the best part is that it’s completely free; remember to tip generously!

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